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Aloak Custom Brochure is our flexible custom website design solution for businesses that want to create a unique and memorable brand online that integrates perfectly with your existing marketing materials.
Want a simpler solution?
Ready to go beyond brand building into eCommerce strategies?
Custom Website Design
  • original, one-of-a-kind graphic design
  • custom website design site map
  • unlimited colour schemes
  • up to 15 pages
  • up to 15 images

    Complete Package Includes:

  • domain registration
  • website hosting (includes 100 Mb of storage, 5 Gb of monthly transfer, web stats and technical support)
  • 50 email mailboxes
Custom Website Design
1. Be Consistent
A Custom Brochure site creates immediate brand recognition and trust because the look and feel are consistent with your corporate identity and marketing materials.
  • feature your company logo prominently in your custom website design
  • use the same colour scheme in your site as your current marketing materials
  • feature photographs and images that complete the story about your company to explain what you do
  • web development keeps your business up to date
2. Create a Memorable Experience for Visitors
A Custom Brochure site is memorable because it's unique and enjoyable.

  • your company information still needs to be accurate and up-to-date to build trust
  • use a standard, time-tested site plan (or adapt it modestly) to be sure your site is easy to navigate
  • good customer service means responding immediately and directly to your visitors' inquiries with personal emails or Autoresponders
3. Keep Your Site Evolving
A custom website design can evolve along with your online customer relationships. Gradually migrate key customer service operations to your site with eCommerce catalogs and Contact Management applications.

    More Tips
  • refresh the look of your site at least once a year or when you develop new marketing materials
  • benchmark your online interactions so you can see where you can add the most value for customers
  • advanced web development solutions can integrate your website with existing business systems
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