Aloak Glossary of Terms

Your Login provides you with secure access to your accounts, such as your Aloak customer account, any of your hosting accounts, and any of your email accounts. By accessing your customer account, you can modify billing information or purchase additional services from Aloak. Using FTP, you can access a hosting account to make changes to your website.

There are certain criteria for constructing Login names:

Administrative Contact
The administrative contact is an individual authorized to interact with the registrar on behalf of the domain name registrant. The administrative contact should be able to answer non-technical questions about the domain name's registration and the domain name registrant. It is strongly recommended that the administrative contact be the registrant or someone from the registrant's organization
Billing Contact
The billing contact is for reference only. Normally this contact is set using the same information as your Aloak Customer Account. The contact information stored in your Aloak Customer Account will be the primary contact for all matters relating to billing.
IP Address
You can think of an IP Address in the same way that you think of the address where you live. Just as you have an address where you live, where people can visit you, or send you mail or packages, your Domain Name has an Internet address (the IP Address, or Internet Protocol Address), which is where people visit your website, or send you Internet email. An IP address looks like this:

It is a set of four numbers separated by dots. Your Nameserver is the Internet service used to look up the IP Address where your Domain Name is located.

The Registrant is the legal entity (ex. person or company) who registers a domain name. The registrant controls a domain and is represented by the Administrative contact.
SPAM Filter

  • Email Filter up to 50 mailboxes on your custom domain hosted by Aloak.
  • Email Filter a single mailbox by forwarding your current email address to a spam-free mailbox at Aloak. (Use if you want to stop spam and your current email address is not provided by Aloak.)
  • FREE if your domain is hosted with Aloak.

The Aloak Spam Filter uses a powerful algorithm to identify the most common traits of junk email automatically. It then marks the junk email, making it easy to separate from your real messages.

  • The server identifies junk email by adding "*****SPAM*****" to the subject line
  • Email client software then filters all mail marked as spam into a separate folder
  • Email stored in the SPAM folder can later be reviewed or deleted

Technical Contact
The Technical Contact is the secondary contact for your domain registration. This contact is commonly the person responsible for the hosting of your domain.

For domains hosted by Aloak, Aloak frequently assumes the role of Technical Contact.

Tips For Registering Domain Names

  1. Protect your Strategic Domain
It can be confusing and frustrating if your customers land on a different site because they typed in the wrong extension. Your best strategy for protecting your online brand is to own every possible extension (.ca, .com, .net, .org, .biz and .info).

Using Extensions Effectively
Customers make assumptions about the size, location and nature of your business based on which extension you use.

Which extension should you be promoting? That depends on what message you want to send to customers. Consider promoting different extensions in different contexts and with different customers.

Here are the traditional associations for domain name extensions:
.caBrands your company as home-grown and may encourage customers to "buy Canadian."
.comSuggests a global-focus and international base.
.netTraditionally used to designate a network of companies or strategic partners. Now interchangeable with .com for most web-users to suggest a global company or organization.
.orgTraditionally used to designate a non-profit organization. There are no longer rules barring for-profits to use this extension; however, its traditional significance still holds for most web-users. is a restricted gTLD approved by ICANN. Domain names registered under .biz must be used for business purposes.
.infoYour opportunity to reach a worldwide audience with information about you, your ideas, or your organization.

2. Only Alphanumeric Characters and Hyphen Allowed
Any combination of letters from the alphabet and roman numerals is acceptable.

  • NO spaces between words
  • You cannot begin or end a domain name with a hyphen (it must be surrounded by alphanumeric characters)
3. Make it Descriptive
The goal is to make it easy for your customers to remember your website address and associate it with your products or services.

    More Ideas
  • Use your name - by including your company name in your domain, you help customers find you on the Internet
  • Use keywords - these are words that come to mind immediately to describe what you offer your customers
4. Shorter is Better
It also happens to be harder to obtain short, descriptive domain names that are available for registration.

  • For .ca extensions, domain names must be less than 50 characters (including extension)
  • For .com, .net and .org extensions, domain names must be less than 67 characters (including extension)
5. Keep it Simple
A domain name that's easy to remember and spell will increase the number of hits to your site - and more importantly - improve the recall of your website address among your target customers.

Aloak Hosting Accounts
To host a web site on Aloak servers, you need to set up a hosting service (also called a 'hosting account'). Each hosting package you purchase from Aloak comes with one or more hosting accounts

A hosting account gives you:

  • A folder on Aloak's servers where you can put your website
  • A login name and password so that you can:
    • Use FTP to put your website pages in your web folder
    • Access your hosting account email
  • An email address of the form
    (You can set up other email addresses with your hosting package.)

    address_name is used in 3 different ways

    1. as part of the login name that lets you retrieve any email sent to Use as the login name to retrieve your email

    2. as the name of your web folder. (Your web folder will be called address_name)

    3. as part of the login name you use to upload web pages to your website using FTP. Use as the login name for FTP.

You can have any number of domain names linked to your hosting account. For example, you might have and, both pointing to your hosting account. This means that if you type into your web browser, the website you uploaded to your hosting account web folder is the website that is displayed. Or, if you typed in, the same website will be displayed.

To make your domain name point to a hosting account, you also need to set up DNS for your domain name.

Some hosting packages let you have more than one hosting account, so that you can point different domain names to different hosting accounts, each with its own separate web folder. In the example above, you could have point to a different website than by setting up two hosting accounts.

You can set up email boxes for each domain name. Email boxes are of the form:

Examples of address_name are john,  john.doe,  jdoe, etc., which would create email addresses like,, and

The number of email boxes you can set up is determined by the hosting package you purchase.

You receive information about how to upload your website, how to use your hosting account email address and how to set up email addresses for your domain name(s) when you are finished setting up your hosting account.

Domain Name
A domain name is used as an easy to remember name for websites and email. Each Domain Name has an
IP Address which is used to locate your website, email server, or other Internet services available with your Domain Name. A Nameserver is the Internet service used to look up the IP Address for any Domain Names you register.

Registering a domain name helps to protect your identity.

Domains have pre-defined endings. With Aloak you may register domains ending in any of .CA .COM .NET .ORG .BIZ .INFO.

Example: Registering a domain MYDOMAIN.CA, will allow you to have a website address like and email addresses like

Form Action
The Form Action is the action taken when you submit an HTML form.

For example with a Contact Us form on one of Aloak's template based websites, the information submitted is passed to a program that sends the information by way of an email to a recipient email address specified when you set up the Contact Us form. (Note to Website Builder customers: If you are hosting your website with Aloak use the default Form Action. If you host your website elsewhere, check with your website administrator to find out what CGI program to use for delivering the information submitted by the form to the recipient email address).

Form recipient email address
The Form recipient email address is the email address where information is sent when you submit it with a web form. An example is a Contact Us form. You type in the name, address, email address, phone number and other information of customers or others who you want to contact you. The information submitted by the form is sent to any email address you like.
Form rediect web address
This is a web address (URL) that a web browser will go to after processing is completed by a script, such as the Form Mail script. If your domain is, the Form redirect web address could be:
A Login identifies you to a computer system, and, in conjunction with a password, provides you with secure access to one or more services set up for you on the system. There are some retrictions which apply when selecting a login. The criteria are:
  • more than 3 characters and less than 16 characters long
  • may not contain spaces or punctuation marks (~`!@#$%^&*-_ ={}[]|\:;"'<,>.?/)
  • must be alphanumeric (letters, digits, or a combination of letters and digits)
  • must conform to our 'acceptable use' policies

Meta Description
The words placed within the Meta Description tag of your web pages are given some weight with most search engines and can help a page to rank high in the search results for these particular words.

Although the Meta Description does not carry nearly as much weight in the search engines as the Title tag, the words placed in this tag appear under the title in a search engine's list of results in most search engines. Therefore setting up your Meta Description correctly will certainly help to make your website found and will let searchers know they have the right link when they see the search results reported by a search engine.

To maximize the value of the Meta Description as a tool to make your website findable, create your Title tag description first, using words which best describe your business, with the most important words appearing earlier in your description, the least important ones later, since the first words are given more weight in the search engines than later words. Then create your Meta Description in the same mannger.

See also Meta Keyword

Meta Keyword
Meta Keywords are used as an additional help in putting your website into the search engines. Because there has been so much abuse (like placing the word "sex", for instance, into this tag, to increase the chances your site will be found), this tag is no longer given substantial weight in the search engines. However, if you design the content of your website around the keywords you would like to use for this tag, the Meta Keyword tag provides a useful additional help in making sure your website is found.

Use this plan, when designing your website:

Once you do the above things properly, putting together your meta keywords tag is a very simple procedure. The best plan is to put the keywords used in the title of of your page in the meta keyword tag. The first words in any tag are assumed to be given more weight, so these are most important. This will give you the maximum benefit of the Meta Keywords you use.

Non Hosted Domain
Choose this option if one of the following applies to you:
  1. My website is hosted with a company other than Aloak
    (You will need to provide
    Nameserver information for your domain(s) to point to a website hosted somewhere other than Aloak.)
  2. I just want to register the domain name(s). I do not want to set up a website or email at this time.

Windows Hosting
Choose this hosting option only if your website will require one of the following technologies:

.asp, .aspx, Microsoft FrontPage extensions.

You can choose any Password you like, but there are some restrictions. If your Password is too long, contains 'illegal' characters, or otherwise doesn't fit into the criteria you'll be asked to select a different Password.

The criteria are:

  • no more than 16 characters long
  • may not contain spaces or punctuation marks (~`!@#$%^&*-_ ={}[]|\:;"'<,>.?/)
  • must be alphanumeric (letters, digits, or a combination of letters and digits)

DNS, or Domain Name Service, sometimes referred to as just name service, is a system that associates domain names, such as with IP addresses, such as An IP address is the address of a computer or web site on the Internet. Instead of having to remember, for instance, that to get to Aloak's website you need to type in your web browser, you can type in

By "setting up your DNS" your customers can type in your domain name to get to your website.

In addition to setting up DNS, a website must be hosted before you can get to it. At Aloak, you can set up a hosting account for your website to make your site available on the Internet.

Domain Parking Account
A Domain Parking Account (Domain Parking Site) is a free website location for a Domain Name on Aloak's server. When someone types the Domain Name into a web browser, the browser will take them to this website location where a single information page is displayed.

Each Domain Parking Site includes:

  • 1 Mb of disk storage space
  • 1 email address, consisting of the Login Name part of a parking account domain name.
You can go to the website location using either the parking account domain name, or one of your Domain Names. If you choose to park your Domain Name, it will be set up to point to the free website location

Here is an example of a Domain Parking Site set up to use the Domain Name, and the parking account domain name

  1. You can reach the Domain Parking Site using your domain name
  2. You can reach the Domain Parking Site using the parking account domain name (Login==parking, domain

Domain Transfer
Domain transfer refers to changing the registration and hosting for your domain name so that they are handled by Aloak. If your domain name is hosted by another company, or if you registered your domain name through another Registrar, transferring the hosting and registration for your domain name, so that your website is set up on Aloak's servers, with Aloak as your Registrar, provides you with the best possible service Aloak can offer in administering your website.
Email Aliases
An email alias is solely an email address. An email alias must be associated with an existing Aloak Email Box. Email sent to this address is delivered to its associated Email Box.

For example: if you have setup a mailbox, you may setup a second address which is an ALIAS. Email sent to will be delivered to the mailbox

Email Mailboxes
An email box has associated with it an email address, a login and a password. Email sent to this email address is stored on the Aloak mail server and retrieved using the login and password.
A Nameserver is an Internet service that translates a
Domain Name, such as into an IP Address, so that a website, an FTP site, an Email Server, or other Internet services, can be located. Each Domain Name usually has at least two Nameservers. If one of them is not working, the other one can take over.

When you register a new Domain Name, it is very important to tell us the correct Nameservers for your Domain Name, so that we can tell the Domain Name Registry what your Nameservers are. If the Nameservers are not correct, your website won't be available on the Internet, and any email addresses you set up for your Domain Name won't work.

If you don't know what your Nameservers are, we will set up your Domain Name with Aloak's Nameservers by default. You can change your Nameservers at any time by visting Aloak's website and choosing CHANGES TO DNS from the blue side bar.

Email Address
An email address is where you send electronic mail. Typically, your email address is composed of your Login Name, the @ symbol and your Domain Name, like this:

When someone wants to send you an email, they put your email address in the To: field of the email message they send to you.

Email Forwarding Address
An email forwarding address is an email address where email will be sent automatically by the email delivery system. People use email forwarding addresses so they don't have to remember many different email addresses. All your email can be forwarded to one address to simplify receiving email.
Password Hint
A password hint is a word or phrase which you use to remind you what your password is. If you forget your password, your password hint helps you to remember what it is.
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)
A protocol that delivers server authentication, data encryption, and message integrity. SSL operates independently of the Internet application protocols. With SSL implemented on both the client and server, your Internet communications are transmitted in encrypted form. Information you send can be trusted to arrive privately and unaltered to the server you specify (and no other).

When using SSL, your browser will display a closed padlock in the bottom status bar of your browser window.

Page Name
The ContentManager Page Name determines the web address. Example - if you choose the page name sample, then the web address of that page will be
Authorize New Orders
Before project work can begin, an Open Order requires authorization. Authorization is the process where an
Open Order is reviewed by the accounting department to determine whether or not the order meets approval requirements. Typically, this means ensuring the credit worthiness of the client.
Authorized Projects
Authorized Projects are approved
Open Orders. Project work may be undertaken for Authorized Projects according to whatever terms and scheduling have been established for the project. Products or services cannot be added to an Authorized Order. To add more products or services, create a New Order for the customer.
Cancel Orders
Cancelling an order will mark it as 'Cancelled' in the database. The order could be reinstated at a later date, if necessary.
Completed Projects
A project is considered completed when all project work for the project is finished. The project is ready for final billing if it is marked as completed.
Confirm Order
Prior to authorization, an order must be reviewed to determine that all the information is correct.
New Order
The term new order refers to the steps taken to set up an order in the POS System so that products or services can be selected for purchase by a client. These steps can include creation and/or selection of a customer account to which purchases are billed.

A New Order becomes an Open Order once the steps to create the order in the POS are completed.

Open Orders
An Open Order is an order being worked on by a sales person and client to determine what products and services are right for the client. An Open Order must be authorized prior to commencing project work. After an order is Authorized, to add products and services, create a new order for the customer.
Projects Spreadsheet
The projects spreadsheet records summary information releted to a project, including: completion dates (estimated, revised and actual), the sales representative, the order date, the value of the development portion and the recurring portion, the project manager, and the status.

Use the projects spreadsheet to mark a project as completed.

Title text is entered in the HTML code. This text appears in the top (title bar) of the browser window when a page is loaded.

This text is also used by search engines to classify your page. The HTML <TITLE> tag is the most important tag to set up in order to ensure that your website is found in the search engines. Use words which describe your business best, with the most important words appearing at the start of the sentence used for your title, as these words will be given the highest priority in the search engines. You can also repeat these key words in your Meta Description, again, placing the most important words at the beginning of your description, and the least important closer to the end.

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